Recognition of official validity of higher type studies

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Inspection and sanction

The mission of the educational authorities empowered to grant the RVOE does not end with the Recognition Agreement. Once granted, the main obligation of the authority is to inspect and monitor that the institutions comply with each and every one of the conditions under which they were granted. recognition.

So It is provided by the General Law of Education in the following articles:

Article 58: “The authorities that grant authorizations and acknowledgments of official validity of studies shall inspect and monitor the educational services for which said authorizations or acknowledgments were granted. The authorities will endeavor to carry out an inspection visit at least once a year.”.

Article 78: “When the educational authority responsible for the provision of the service, or that has granted the authorization or recognition of official validity of studies, considers that there are justified causes that warrant the imposition of sanctions, will do of the knowledge of the alleged offender so that, within a period of fifteen calendar days, he may express what is convenient for him and provide the data and documents that are required. The authority will dictate resolution based on the data provided by the alleged offender and the other evidence in the file.

To determine the sanction, the circumstances in which it was committed will be considered. the offense, the damages that have occurred or may occur to the students, the seriousness of the offense, the socio-economic conditions of the offender, the intentional or unintentional nature of the offense ; n and if it is a matter of recidivism ".

In the event that any of the infractions provided for in the General Education Law and other provisions applicable to private institutions is updated, prior administrative procedure, it will be possible to do so. impose the corresponding sanctions ranging from warning, fine or withdrawal of recognition.