Recognition of official validity of higher type studies

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  1. In terms of advertising, there are provisions that individuals must comply with in terms of the provisions of Articles 56 and 59 of the General Education Law (LGE), which at the letter indicate:

Article 56. Fourth paragraph

"Individuals who teach studies with authorization or with recognition must mention in the documentation they issue and in the advertising they make, a legend indicating their status as incorporated, the number and date of the respective agreement, as well as ; as the authority that granted it ".

Article 59.- First paragraph

"Individuals who provide services for which studies are taught without recognition of official validity, must mention it in their corresponding documentation and advertising."

  1. In the event of non-compliance with said obligation, or they are held as an incorporated establishment without being incorporated, they will be entitled to a fine up to the equivalent of five thousand times the general daily minimum wage in force in the geographic area. , which may be duplicated in the event of a repeat offense, in addition to the fact that it may proceed to the closure of the respective campus, in terms of the provisions of articles 76, section I and 77, sections I and II, and the last paragraph.